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Daily Rehearsal: Learn about Britney Spears tonight

1. What are some of the best closing lines for plays? Howard Sherman started some twitter fanfare over that very question yesterday, and here are some highlights: “Greetings, Prophet. The Great Work begins: the messenger has arrived"; “Oh, how I do love birthday cake"; “We’re free and clear. We’re free.” Guesses?

Britney Spears at the United Center in July (Flickr/chicagofabulousblog.com)
2. I bet you're dying to analyze Britney Spears all the time, and tonight you can do just that. Presented by Homeroom, go to The Hungry Brain, and listen to Liz Mason, Christopher Smit, and Judy Hoffman (two of them are professors, so this is legit) talk about one of America's greatest living legends. 

3. There's a new director at the Athenaeum Theatre; Joan Mazzonelli, whose been working as executive director for Stage 773. In an interview with Chris Jones, Mazzonelli said she hoped to "get some buzz going and utilize this grand old building." They're also planning new renovations. Is this a step back for Mazzonelli, or a flash of a life for a struggling venue?

4. People are just raving over The Doyle and Debbie Show, and they haven't even gotten here yet! They're from Nashville, and describe the show as a "sublime parody, simultaneously lampooning and idolizing country music's tradition of iconic duos and their subsequent battle of the sexes." Sounds a little like A Mighty Wind, which I am very, very into. It'll be at the Royal George in October; check out Bruce Arntson and Jenny Littleton in their numerous Youtube videos.

5. The Homosexuals has been extended for one final week, but it must close the 21st, so get it while you can.

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