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Daily Rehearsal: Seven Minutes in Heaven with Ellen (Degeneres)

Herbert Migdoll has one cool website, and cooler art
1. The Joffrey's Don Quixote opens tonight, but there's a more interesting person behind the scenes. Herbert Migdoll, the staff photographer for the Joffrey, has been working there longer than any other employee. "He is the last link between the company’s past and present," writes Meribah Knight. In other ways, Migdoll might remind you of another famous photographer, Bill Cunningham: "Outside his work, Migdoll’s life is one of austerity. He has never married. His rented room provides him a place to sleep but not much else. His real life exists where his work is — his studio and the Joffrey."

2. Last week, the man we'll now be calling Charles "old crank" Isherwood declared he won't see another of Adam Rapp's plays ever again. But he also wrote, "Contrary to popular myth, drama critics don’t salivate at the chance to savage a playwright’s work. It’s still less appealing to continue doing so, year in and year out. Who wants to be cast as the playground bully who won’t leave the poor kid alone?" Seriously, impressive work on Rapp's part, being so terrible as to inspire someone to never see your work again. Bravo.

3. Here's everything you'd ever want to know about Seven Minutes in Heaven. No, not the game you played in middle school, but the new web series by SNL writer Mike O'Brien. He's had on guests like Amy Poehler and Ellen Degeneres, but his less-than-auspicious beginning is far more interesting. The A.V. Club flashes back to a Reader review of one of O'Brien's first plays when he was still living in Chicago, written by Zac Thompson. Thompson apparently thought that the play, divided into two acts, was by two different people.

4. Tonight at 7 pm, the Goodman's Education Department will be visited by WBEZ's Sound Opinions crew (Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot) to discuss the price of fame in today's performance industry. They'll be joined by iO's Charna Halpern, and there will be an interactive game hosted by Collaboraction; "The atmosphere will be that of a red-carpet event, in which each attendee is essentially fulfilling the role of a celebrity—forced to make their way past a throng of paparazzi just to get in." Sounds...rough. It's all part of the Goodman's CONTEXT series, and is inspired by Red.

5. The Wall Street Journal takes on Chicago theatre; this time 'round, it's Tom Stoppard's The Real Thing at Writers' Theatre. Terry Teachout says that he doubts "that The Real Thing will soon receive a better production than the one now playing at Chicago's Writers' Theatre." (Also, he "strongly suggest[s] that you leave this one alone", when referring to Adam Rapp's Dreams of Flying Dreams of Falling, so maybe he and Charles Isherwood should form a club. 

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