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Daily Rehearsal: 'Shark Tank!' is not part of 'Shark Week'

1. Claire Zulkey has a great addition to her series "Dad Talks" this week, where she interviews her friend Nora's dad Marty Geraghty, who is an unabashed fan of musicals. My favorite part? When he talks about ruining his Phantom of the Opera mug by accidentally microwaving it.

2. Finalists in for the Honor Awards 2011 in theater have been revealed; vote again, and cull it down to those worthy final few.

3. 2nd Story's line-up last night was praised on UChicago's student admissions Tumblr. The theme this week was secrets: "Creative writing teacher Megan Stielstra and fourth-year Margaret M. will be absolutely amazing, and I know this because Margaret and I took Megan’s Intro to Genres: Writing and Performance class together last year.

4. Doyle & Debbie have released a new block of tickets, pushing the show at the Royal George through June 24. Call or go through Ticketmaster (or don't...). 

5. Are you familiar with Steve Gadlin? You should be. The Blewt! Productions star is making a turn appearance on ABC's Shark Tank! tonight. "An artistic man hopes the sharks are interested in his cat drawing service and anoother man pitches a system to improve a salesperson's skills", says the blurb. I wonder which one Gadlin is? Mark Geary, a Lincoln Lodge producer, approves, he tells the Reader.

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