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Daily Rehearsal: Will Eno gets a big chunk of cash

1. Gretchen and Regina is still running at Stage 773 on Tuesdays through early next week. What's it about? "Take one part bratty drunk, add 1 part fumbling lesbian, mix with a generous amount of alcohol and you have the embarrassingly funny novelty folk duo Gretchen and Regina. The uncomfortable hilarity of this duo, otherwise known as Hilary Williams and Emily Claiborne, dominates the audience with the feeling of awkwardly watching the two uninvited drunkards at the party." Or I could like...go to a party...but this is good too!

2. Remember when the Sun-Times covered Love, Lost and What I Wore by asking Theater Critic Hedy Weiss to write about hers? Someone else loved it! Zac Thompson from the Reader writes (on his personal blog), "I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this piece of journalism...is the best thing that has ever happened to me." He also throws out a few future column possibilities, like, "Is Hedy Weiss Interested in Sharing an Egg Cream with Me and Talking about Cute Boys?" and "How Come Whenever a Cell Phone Rings during a Play, Hedy Weiss Glares at Me as Though I Am Responsible? Or Am I Imagining Things?"

3. A dance preview for the fall season includes the usuals -- Hubbard Street, River North, Luna Negra, and Merce Cunningham. But we've also got Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago and Chicago Dance Crash.

4. An interview with The Vibrator Play director Sandy Shinner reveals some historical fun facts about the true story behind women being treated for hysteria. Bonus points to an amazing question on behalf of The A.V. Club:  "And since vibrators require electricity of some kind, does the play also address the dawning modern age?"

5. Will Eno, the beloved writer of Middletown, is part of a new residency program at Signature Theater Initiative. It grants each writer three productions over five years, $50,000, stipends to help pay for all that theater, and health insurance. 

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