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Daley gets a library named after him. Now he has a place for all his fake words!

I guess after school does matter, for giving big jobs to former Daley staffers. Daley's last Chief of Staff Ray Orozco is now the CEO at After School Matters, run by Maggie Daley. First CEO ever. How much money should a CEO at an after school program make? Naturally, $185k. I remember my Mom working in after school programs. I think she was holding out on me. Cause I would have guessed under $40k. But she must have been making six figures. Who knew?

B story: The city named a library after Mayor Richard M. Daley. The library is in West Humboldt Park. Alderman Walter Burnett told the Sun-Times  said that naming a library after him should help get resources to the neighborhood. Then, Daley called him "Ald. Barnett" in the dedication. Awesome.

The Tribune said that Daley didn't get driven away by standard issue sedan, but rather left in a brown minivan. That's right. The mayor left like the drummer from your high school band would.

C story: Congressman Joe Walsh. I'm still waiting to hear more about this story. I heard new Q101 say that he is actually saying that he doesn't owe anything, although I haven't seen that anywhere else. I talked to a source yesterday who was involved in the tightly contested race for the 8th district. I was told that everyone was aware of Walsh's money issues, but reporters didn't really cover it because everyone thought Bean was running away with the race. So why pick on the challenger? This could be a great story about how political beat reporters cover political news. They have to be relevant and sometimes they choose whether or not to write about something based on projected results. It's just not interesting media if it's about someone who isn't really polling well.

D story: I went up to Palatine with WBEZ's Meghan Power and Landon Cassman on Wednesday to cover a very trashy story. If you liked Toy Story 3, you'll love the video we put together.

Weather: It rained again last night. My colleague Elliott said he thinks that the planet is going to become like the one that the clones live on in the new Star Wars movies. You know, the one that is all lightning, all the time? Uh oh.

Sports: Here's where we are:

Kicker: It's Paul McCartney weekend. I kind of wish I was going. It has to be the best show in the world. Just a really famous dude playing really famous tunes. I hope he plays Hey Jude.

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