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Did NBC's Brian Williams ambush the Emanuel brothers?

WATCH THIS VIDEO ... of NBC's Brian Williams interviewing the three Emanuel brothers: Mayor Rahm, bioethicist Ezekiel and Hollywood "super-agent" Ari, recorded March 8 in New York City.

Note the (evidently simulated) slide show of old family photos, the reference to the family as "America's Jewish Kennedys."

What do you think of it?

Love-fest? Puff piece? Affectionate portrayal?

Or hatchet job?

Ari Emanuel reportedly puts it in the latter category. The New York Post quotes sources as saying that he sent a "a fiery legal letter to NBC," complaining the interview, which aired Friday, was so aggressive as to catch the brothers off-guard.

'I THINK WE'RE GOING TO WIN.' That's the optimistic prediction of David Boies, one of the lawyers set to argue Tuesday before the Supreme Court that California's Proposition 8 ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.
* Among those to be seated as a guest of Chief Justice John Roberts: His lesbian cousin, who wants to marry her gay partner.
* Court expert Jeffrey Toobin: 10 years ago, Justice Scalia was right about the future of gay marriage.
* Chart outlines ways the court could rule.
* New poll finds young Americans' growing support for same-sex marriage "one of the biggest shifts we've seen."
* Same-sex marriage convert Sen. Rob Portman's son writes in the Yale Daily News: "In many ways, it’s been a privilege to come out so publicly."
* Politico: Republicans see cash in shift toward gay marriage.
* Mediaite: Is conservatism dead?
* Video: Starbucks CEO tells shareholder to sell if he can't support marriage equality.

'WE LIVE IN A GOOGLE AND WIKIPEDIA SOCIETY, AND IF KIDS NEED TO KNOW SOMETHING, THEY CAN LOOK IT UP.' And so, the president of the Illinois Science Teachers Association tells the Tribune Illinois is ready for dramatic changes in science courses, textbooks and testing, maybe as soon as this fall.
* Illinois bill would improve medical insurance for high school athletes with catastrophic injuries.
* Chicago Public Schools has yet to deliver on college scholarships for kids whose parents died in 2003 E2 nightclub stampede.

GOOGLE ALERTS: WINDING DOWN? If you're among those who've come to rely on Google's service to advise you of new Web content on a specific topic, be warned: Mashable.com says Alerts may be on the way out, but it notes an alternative.
* Wish you had a Wikipedia page of your own? Now you can pretend.

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