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Don't Spit the Water! debuts tomorrow night on WCIU

Steve Gadlin is a friend of mine. And I'm damn proud to say that. He is the quintessential Chicago comedy hustler. His show Impress These Apes! is a long-running hit in Chicago (season 6 just wrapped up). His I Want to Draw a Cat for You business is was featured on Groupon. And well, he's nabbing great traffic on his new venture,

Many may remember Gadlin and his partner Paul Luikhart from the long running late-night stage show Don't Spit the Water! It ran Saturdays at the Playground Theater for several years. The premise of this game show? Contestants get up on stage, take a gulp of water and comedians try to get them to spit-take. Simply awesome. The comedians were all part of the production company, Blewt.

Earlier this year, Gadlin lobbied his boss Neal Sabin to make DSTW a TV show. Steve works at WCIU. They made a bit out of it with Sabin agreeing to air a pilot if Gadlin made it. So Gadlin successfully raised $6k through a Kickstarter campaign and hired a production company. They recorded the game show live at Comedy Sportz in the Spring and it airs Saturday at midnight on WCIU.

Here's a clip of the show that Steve gave me. This is a sneak peek of the show tomorrow. Who knows, if this goes well, we may be talking about Steve Gadlin and Blewt Productions in the same breath as Svengoolie and Check Please!

Join Steve and the Blewt crew for a viewing party tomorrow night at the Lincoln Tap Room. I'll be there! Congrats guys!

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