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Exclusive: Coach Lovie Smith wiretapped! (voicemails left during last night's game)

Lovie Smith has your home number (AP)

What a game to start the NFL season last night! The Packers beat the New Orleans Saints in dramatic fashion. The game featured two of the three opponents Chicago will face in the beginning of the season. I'm not sure I can take it this season. On the first play, I got up out of my chair and yelled at a random New Orleans' defender. I've got to take it down a notch. It's a long season.

I wasn't watching the game that close because I was too busy tapping phone lines. News of the World taught me that journalism is mostly about illegally obtaining voicemail messages. So I was able to tap Chicago Bears' head coach Lovie Smith's phone between 7:30pm-10pm. He was watching the game and trying to connect with his team via phone. It seems he called Jay Cutler, Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Robbie Gould, Mike Martz, Rod Marinelli and George McCaskey. Why talk about it, when I can just play them all:


I still have his pin number. So expect more throughout the season.

B story: I missed the jobs speech last night from President Obama. And I missed Maroon 5 performing before the Saints/Packers game. So last night was a wash. From what Facebook and Twitter told me, the jobs speech was awesome. What the newspapers told me today: Whatever Obama suggested ain't going to happen.

C story: How long is your kid's school day? Let's go to the chart, people.

D story: September 9th is the new September 11th, apparently. Now here's a chicken/egg question: Do people want their 10th anniversary media today because they are at work and in front of a computer? Or are we (the media) putting all our coverage on the 9th because we don't traditionally broadcast full strength on weekends? Oooh, I'm blowing minds here.

Weather: Rainy, cold, wonderful. Keep it coming. No sideways rain though.

Sports: Really, play those Lovie voice mail messages. I worked hard on those all morning.

Kicker: It's the end of the week. It was a good week. I'm heading to Valparaiso this weekend for the Popcorn Festival. I'll be back in time for the Bears game. Expect a full post of random observations on Monday. But if you can't make it to Valpo this weekend, watch this video. Someone films the Popcorn Festival parade, speeds it up and delivers it less than 4 minutes. Now that's how you should watch all parades:

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