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Facebook's new thing, Obama's gun plan

Facebook at Mozcon - Alex

FACEBOOK'S NEW THING. Its search box, until now mostly useless, is about to become a lot more useful as Facebook tries a new way to keep you from ever leaving Facebook.
* And it's a little scary.
* But you can't have it yet.

OBAMA'S GUN PLAN. The president's unholstering some wide-ranging gun-violence proposals -- from universal background checks for all new gun owners to anti-bullying measures in the nation's schools.
* Axelrod: President won't get everything he wants, but will get some things despite NRA objections.
* New York state passes first gun-control law since Connecticut massacre.
* Salon: Man who helped save six kids in Newtown now getting harassed for it.

'I AM DRAINED FROM CRYING.' After attending the funeral for celebrated computer hacker Aaron Swartz, WBEZ's Robin Amer files a first-person report: "I am thinking about what it means to be a suicide survivor."
Swartz in 2001 WBEZ interview, when he was 14: "Computers and humans will be working together."
* Father: Swartz was "killed by the government."
* Swartz case prosecutor now under investigation herself.

'WE SCREWED UP.' The Atlantic apologizes for running a Scientology ad that looked like a normal online article. It says it's "working very hard to put things right."
* The Onion: "SPONSORED: The Taliban Is A Vibrant And Thriving Political Movement."

'HE'D HAVE HATED ... ANYONE TALKING ABOUT HIM IN MOURNFUL TONES.' Tribune columnist John Kass marks the death of his radio partner, Jim Edwards, known on the air as Jake Hartford.

NOT BUYING WHAT ARMSTRONG'S PEDALING. CBS News reports the U.S. government is rejecting Lance Armstrong's offer to pay $5 million in reparations to the federal government for doping while his team took $30 million from the U.S. Postal Service under a sponsorship deal that banned doping.
Tougher confession may be yet to come.

DREAM OFF. Another technical glitch for another 787 passenger jet has prompted an emergency landing in Japan and a decision by two Japanese airlines to ground all their Dreamliners -- another bad omen for Chicago-based Boeing.

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