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Grassroots. Groundswell. Viral campaign. Whatever you call it, let's get Mayor Daley for Wikipedia Files


If you haven't been following one of the better blogs in the city, you probably haven't seen the Rahm counter.

Jim DeRogatis hasn't written about Rahm Emanuel and the arts since Saturday. But I know he's reached out to the Emanuel transition team for answers and received nothing. Not even a return e-mail. Jim has a counter on his blog since the last time they responded to his weekly e-mail, looking for questions answered. Right now, it's at:


In that time, Emanuel has gone on WXRT and talked to the Tribune about arts in Chicago. Wouldn't you want an interview between Mayor Elect Rahm Emanuel and Jim DeRogatis? It's shaping up to be one of the more anticipated interviews of our time. But I don't know if it can happen if Rahm doesn't even return e-mails. That's kind of lame. And hopefully not indicative of how the new mayor is going to run things.

But I think I can top the anticipated interview bit: I want an exit interview with Richard M. Daley. Yep, Wikipedia Files. Now who wouldn't want an interview with Daley/Kaufmann? I wouldn't bother him with issues about his tenure or legacy. Leave that to the big boys. Me? I would ask him about why he points at reporters all the time at press conferences. Or was he pissed when he got booed during the Blackhawks Stanley Cup rally last year. Or whether or not his father said "Flip you" or "F-you" at the 1968 DNC. And I would do the video interview at my cubicle. Let the unanswered e-mails begin! So I ask you informed reader, do you have any connections at City Hall? Make this happen! 

B story: It's standardized test season everybody! Do kids still use scan-tron? Or practice by filling in the bubbles blown by that seal? Anybody remember those tests in Illinois? WBEZ's Linda Lutton has a nice piece today on the ISAT kick-off celebrations (by celebrations, I mean tests). I think we should stop testing kids to rate schools or even judge their ability to move on to higher education. I think the state should concentrate their resources on testing adults...every week. But they should be customized tests, like "where did you leave your keys? a) on the desk. b) on the bus. c) greater than 20. I know I would sharpen up quick and remember to run all my errands. Think about it, state testing could replace the post-it note.

C story: This is a great blog post from Chicago Now blogger John Schmidt. He wrote about how the Dan Ryan signs are wrong. Great, just what we need: Incorrect street signs with high-speed merging.

D story: Do you realize that if Illinois gets bounced in their first Big Ten tourney game, there's a chance they may not make the tournament? This would mean that not one Illinois team (barring tournament upsets) would make the 'Big Dance.' At least we have Illini football to fall back on.

Weather: It's nice again. Crisp and refreshing

Sports: Yesterday afternoon, I compiled a player by player comparison between the 2011 Chicago Bulls and the teams MJ built. I received some comments about players that weren't mentioned. It's not a slight, it's just either there are no players on the current squad that resemble Toni Kukoc or there are just too many players to account for from the two MJ led squads. Probably 20-25 to the 13 on the current team. So cool it - we get it that Paxson was good. Or that Will Perdue played on those squads. Or Cliff Levingston once owned the Riv. We get it. 

Kicker: What? We have no time for a kicker story today? But I have that great video of the squirrel waterskiing? Fine, just pan to the fans watching us through the glass. Wave, wave, wave, smile, wave as the credits roll. 

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