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Inability to read comments before posting to Facebook leads to Chicago dog scare of 2011

This week a photo of nails in cheese began circulating around Facebook. 

A photo that perported to show chunks of cheese found in dog parks with nails embedded caused fear on Facebook this week.
The photo, displaying chunks of cheese with nails in them, was captioned with the ominous message that cheese like this was being found in dog parks in Chicago and Massachusetts. There were also claims of antifreeze being left in water bowls.

It has become common knowledge by now, after several websites pointed to, that this was a hoax. According to the site, the photo originated from a 2011 news story in Argentina, where the spiked treats were found in a kennel near a public park in Buenos Aires. 

There are no confirmed reports of this happening at the alleged locations.

We here at City Room have determined the culprit of the hoax, or at the very least an accomplice: Facebookers who do not check the thread of comments saying links are hoaxes before they repost to their walls.

The ire is not lost on some who started the Facebook group “Exaggerated hoax: Nails found in cheese in dog parks,” which currently has only three members.

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