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Is Alderman Dick Mell getting all racist up in City Hall? Alderwoman Carrie Austin thinks so

I wasn't paying very close attention last night. A barracuda got loose and terrorized Uptown? And then the fish hit the third rail so all the trains got shut down? I don't know, I got my info from Twitter.

I kid, I kid. Sorry you didn't get home in time. Sounds like it was an awful commute.

A story: The Blagojevich sentencing is underway. And Judge Zagel said 30-to-life is too much. Man, this is going to be good. WBEZ's Sam Hudzik is live-tweeting the sentencing hearing (@wbezpolitics), which probably makes history as the first Illinois governor's sentencing hearing that will be live-tweeted.

Actually, all joking aside - this story has been the biggest of my career and of others like me in digital media. I covered George Ryan (from afar) and was all over Silver Shovel back in the day. But I didn't have the platforms available then that we do now. You want to Tweet minute-to-minute? You want to snap a photo and upload? You want to take some video, edit and get it in the news cycle? You can. I thank you Blagojevich.

You can follow WBEZ's Sam Hudzik here.

B story: More on redistricting tomorrow, but City Hall is gettin' up in it this week! I guess people are hating on Dick Mell. According to the Sun-Times article:

Mell was described as genuinely “afraid somebody was gonna hit him.” A police officer was summoned to the third-floor to restore order. At one point, Ald. Pat O’Connor (40th), Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s City Council floor leader, told Mell to shut up because he was exacerbating racial tensions, a source said.

This issue is not super charged, it's racially charged! Just what Chicago politics needs. C'mon, Dick. Pipe down. Today is Rod's day.

C story: Yay! Ron Santo made the Baseball Hall of Fame! I always liked Ron Santo, mostly for his colorful and his often nonsensical broadcast banter. But I'm also firmly in the camp that Santo wasn't Hall material. His numbers are above-average but not superstar level -  and actually pedestrian for a corner infielder. And when the rubber meets the road? Do you have the variables that take you from a good player to a great player? Can you win when the game is on the line? Well, Ronnie never won an MVP and unfortunately, the Cubs never made the playoffs while he was there. Loveable? Sure. Clutch? Maybe. Could he handle adversity? Hell yeah. But superstar Hall of Famer? I guess so.

I would like to see Minnie Minoso in the Hall.

D story: I watched the ABC 7 news last night. Did you know that a desk job could make you fat? More at 10.

Weather: Cold, but normal.

Sports: A Yahoo! Sports report has the Bulls interested in trading for Orlando Magic superstar Dwight Howard. Howard (nicknamed - Superman) is being dangled by the Magic for a king's ransom. The Lakers are dominating the headlines right now with dreams of pairing Howard with Kobe Bryant. The Yahoo! article said the Bulls would have to give up three starters not named Rose. So Noah, Boozer and Deng for Howard and another bad Magic contract. Let's see how this plays out. At first glance, Bulls fans may not like giving up all that starting talent. But the NBA has always been a two-man game. Two stars, role players. MJ/Scottie, Shaq/Kobe, Lebron/Wade, etc.

Some outlets are reporting that Brett Favre has shown interest in accepting a phone call from the Bears. Not gonna happen. Talk about planted story. And you know what? If Favre was interested in playing for the Bears, it seems like his motives would be focused on playing the Packers on Christmas Day (at Lambeau Field). Do we really want the Chicago Bears to be hijacked by this guy's need to get off on his own memories? Memories we can't stand?

Memo to Angelo: If you bring Favre to Chicago, I'm out. And that means I return the little Devin Hester jersey I bought my kid.

Kicker: Jim DeRogatis has a round-up post today of local music inspired videos. This Doors one by Chad Briggs & Co. cracks me up:

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