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Let's review the tape: My preseason interview with Dwyane Wade

I’m pretty sure I speak for many Bulls fans when I say that right now, I’m nervous.  With the series 3-1 in Miami’s favor, tonight could be it for the Bulls.

Some of the chatter I can shrug off.  Lots of people are talking about how the Bulls haven’t lost three in a row all season.  Whatever – what does regular season play matter when you’re in the playoffs?!

All eyes are fixed on Bulls' MVP Derrick Rose. Can he put the team on his back and carry them to a miraculous comeback?  The Bulls don’t have the offensive choices of the Heat, which Dwyane Wade says is what the Miami Power Trio is all about – no one player has to carry the load.

But Chicago players like Rose are tough – and Wade knows that all too well.  I talked to Wade last August. He was here for his annual charity event and we talked about his Chicago roots, his big free agent news (Lebron to South Beach) and his charity work. We didn't have time for the entire interview, and some of the questions hit the cutting room floor. Like this one, where he talked about the Chicago style of play:

I tried a bit of trash talk, to get Wade to admit how tough the Bulls would be the team to beat (yeah I knew then they were going all the way) but he played it pretty cool:

And you know what, that’s what I’m going to do – keep it cool.  I’m not counting the Bulls out yet.  That’d be a silly play - like getting engaged to a fella after knowing him for a couple few months.  And who’d do a thing like that?

Here's my full interview with Wade from last summer.



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