Lucky Plush’s ‘The Better Half’ at the MCA canceled tonight, running Saturday | WBEZ
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Lucky Plush's 'The Better Half' at the MCA canceled tonight, running Saturday

Adrian Danzig, a member of 500 Clown playing in Lucky Plush's The Better Half, was injured last night, and the show has been canceled tonight, Friday. It will run tomorrow night, with an understudy Plasticene founding member Brian Shaw in Danzig's role, and then again November 3-6. The Better Half, a take on the 1994 film Gaslight, was co-created and -directed by Leslie Buxbaum Danzig (Adrian's .... mmm, better half) and LP's Julia Rhoads.

Whether Danzig or the unnamed understudy Shaw will perform next weekend is still uncertain. Don't worry: Danzig's injury doesn't involve the tons of gore sometimes associated with 500 Clown shows.

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