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Making a movie on the CTA? Don't try 'Running Scared' or any 'Risky Business,' pal.

I was on the computer last night when I stumbled across the Chicago Transit Authority's "Filming and Photographing Guidelines."

The guidelines cover insurance needs, right of entry fees ($2,000 a day? Charge Michael Bay more, please?) and other stuff. Then there is this on Page 3, Item 3:

"In general, filming and photography must not portray public transportation as an unsafe and dangerous environment. Filming must not include scenes that contains the following: suicide, attempted suicide by train, pushing to track level; re-creation of real life traumatic and violent events (e.g. subway crash, murders); scenes which endanger others through potential copycat action and explicit scenes such as sexual activity or assault on transit property or any other behaviors or activities that CTA deems inappropriate."

...which makes me think Item 3 was written after this (start at 2:20)...

....or that train sequence from "Risky Business" that YouTube won't let me embed here...

...and definitely long after what happens beginning at the 2:14 mark here...

There are no rules against scoring a scene on the EL with music from Tangerine Dream. There should be.


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