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Meet Chris Brown's tattoo artists

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An article in the Daily Mail about Brown's tattoo.
Described as a "Grammy-winner, girlfriend beater and real-life trainwreck" by The Paper Machete producer Kim Bellware, Chris Brown made headlines last week by debuting a new tattoo that some said looked like the face of his ex-girlfriend Rihanna after she had been abused by him.

Though Brown denied it, explaining that the tattoo was actually inspired by a Mexican Day of the Dead sugar skull, the world was left wondering about the how and why in choice in body art.

We went straight to the source: Comedians Brendan Dowling and Tim Sniffen, who -- luckily enough -- know exactly how that tattoo came to be. Read an excerpt below or listen above:

Tim: Since the first Egyptians used crude pigments injected beneath their skin to make mystical symbols and designs, the allure of the tattoo has been with us.

Brendan: But God knows we didn't expect to wind up running the hottest tattoo parlour in Los Angeles.

Tim: Nope: #8 on Time Out LA’s list: 'The Twenty Underground Tattoo Parlors We're Not Going To Tell You About'.

Brendan: Look at us now!

Tim: That's right, it started at some afterparty, we had just filmed a multi-episode arc for 2 Broke Girls--

Brendan: We kill the horse.

Tim: Well, there's that ruined.

Brendan: So we're at this party and Bonnie Raitt won't shut up about how bored she is with her body.

Tim: No, and when she corners you, that hair, you're not getting away.

Brendan: So she's whining about how she has to be a cronesmaid at Katy Perry’s divorce party and the dress shows off her shoulders, and she hates her shoulders.

Tim: Finally we can't take it anymore. We grab some wire from Fred Savage's basement...

Tim and Brendan: Fred Savage! That's where we were.

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