Memo to aldermen: Will you please redistrict the ward map already? Finish it so we can rip it apart | WBEZ
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Memo to aldermen: Will you please redistrict the ward map already? Finish it so we can rip it apart

Time to get this done, Burke! We are chompin' at the bit! (AP)

Where is this new Chicago aldermanic map? I want to see some redistricting done, and I want to see it now. There have been rumors that the city ward map will look drastically different, with whole neighborhoods shifted from ward to ward. It's all based on the census (I guess). We want to see we can make fun of it and rip on the alderman for creating it. I think I speak for all of Chicago here.

B story: The Illinois legislature is back in session today and legislators are making a swift move to clear the way for a big tax break for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Sears. Both companies threatened to leave Illinois if they didn't get massive tax breaks. They acted like free agents and visited Ohio and Indiana in the last week, drumming up press. It worked, and now the taxpayers will front the bill for their share so they can stay in the state and generate jobs.  So I guess we should be saying thank you? Thank you big corporations for not leaving. Now fix the economy. Actually, this is probably a good thing because now the CME and Sears will be the face of corporate Illinois. That was kind of missing. Now, that position is filled!

C story: Hey, WBEZ's Rob Wildeboer was on last week's Chicago Newsroom. Rob kept the sweater on. Rob's kind of becoming a sweater guy:

D story: All week, Bill Healy is profiling the South Side Auburn Gresham neighborhood. In Bill's first piece, Farley "Jackmaster" Funk gives him a tour of his 'hood. Yes, if you were wondering, this is the same Farley "Jackmaster" Funk who produced the music for "Love Can't Turn Around," featuring the lovely vocal stylings of Darryl Pandy:

Weather: Cold. Very Decembery...

Sports: So Ryan Braun got busted for performance enhancing drugs. This is a big, local story because the new Cubs Manager Dale Sveum got much credit for the production of the Brewers' Braun and Fielder when he was the Brewers' hitting coach. And it begs a reporter's question: Did Sveum know about the performance enhancing drugs?

I called it! The Bulls should go after Rip Hamilton. And they are. The deal should be done by mid-week and give the Bulls a solid, winning option at guard. This is big news. Don't screw it up, Gar!

I already wrote up the Bears game. I counted seven prayers from Tebow. You?

Kicker: Just in time for the holidays! When Steve Gadlin and Steve Delahoyde get together to create commercials for a t-shirt business, you just have to sit back and enjoy. Best commercial ever for the best t-shirt business idea ever:

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