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Memo to Quinn: Ricky Hendon is going to say what Ricky Hendon wants

Top story: The Chicago Tribune starts fresh today with new management after the resignation of CEO Randy Michaels late Friday afternoon. This weekend, Feder followed up with a piece providing context to the career of Randy Michaels. Do you remember “Hell”? I do. That was pretty awful.

B story: They don’t call him Hollywood for nothing. Hollywood Ricky Hendon knows how to cure election boredom. Call someone a homophobe! Quinn and Brady have been limping to the finish line until State Senator Ricky Hendon threw out some scathing personal remarks against his colleague Bill Brady.

Hollywood should know better. Here’s his February rant against his colleague, without the extra homophobic, racist comments:

C story:  Road trip!!!!! Eight Forty-Eight is broadcasting some lively discussions from Richard Steele’s recent road trip downstate to talk voter issues. Good stuff!

Weather: I was on the expressway late last night during the lightning storm. I was waiting for a Transformers 3 explosion in front of me. Nasty.

Sports: The Chicago Bears lost to the Washington Redskins. Can someone please tell me how the Washington Redskins still get to keep that horrifically racist name? The two newspapers in town are tripping over each other to deliver the ‘Jay Cutler sucks’ column this morning. How much do these guys get paid? Find a different angle, fellas.

Kicker: This may be the last day we will look like this. The Vocalo blogs are getting a makeover, joining the new redesign of So enjoy the orange and light blue today.

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