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Mission #101: Let's fill the empty space with song

Perhaps you've heard this anecdote before? 

A man is feeling awful and goes to the doctor.  The doctor then asks the man some questions, and listens closely to what he has to say. After a thorough examination, the doctor prescribes the following:

Less CNN.  More Mozart.

Wonderful, yes? (Credit:  I read that in "The Sun" magazine years ago.)

And so in that vein, as an antitode to the economic crisis and flailing/ailing real estate market, I now offer up...toll-free Beethoven.

Here is what I mean:

Wouldn't it be great to have these tiny but mighty flyers appear in vacant-space windows across the country?

Here's the Fur Elise flyer...ready for you to just click and print and hang up in your neighborhood.

Who knows, this just may help get things -- and us all -- humming along again.



(p.s. - The Fur Elise phone line is now open!)

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