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Mission #37 F*ck It list: Top 5 things you DON'T want to do.

I'll get right down it. Big mission this week. Not big in an uh-oh-this-is-so-time-consuming way. (In fact, this mission is super easy; you don't even have to get up from your chair.) Big in a let's-shake-things-up-and-create-a-movement way.

So here we go. Watch this 44-second video. It explains the mission, and sets the mood.

Now. Make your list. Check it twice. When you feel sufficiently liberated and empowered, share your F*ck It List in the comment section. And you know what?  I'm thinking that these lists need to be typed in ALL CAPS. Don't you agree?  Lower/regular case just seems too quiet and passive for this Lisbeth-ish mission.

And be sure to swing back here tomorrow and throughout the week: we have some extra special guests popping in to share their F*ck It Lists.

Lastly, I'm pretty certain that we'll be curating this mission and creating either a booklet or video or some such killer keepsake. We'll have a sense of that by week's end.

I've kicked things off in the comment section with my dainty and demure little list.... 

Can't wait to hear yours.


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