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Mission #45 In terms of connecting, the Skype's the limit!


Millenium Park (photo by wolfgang 1320)

Before I dive into the new mission, I have to to say thank you to every single person who came out last night for The Beckoning of Lovely 10/10/10.  I can't speak clearly about it all yet because my brain and heart are swirling and buzzing way too loudly. So for now, all I can say is this:

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I'll leave it at that for today.  Much, much more to come regarding The Beckoning of Lovely later.


So now, Mission #45.

This is about getting to know each other a little better... seeing and talking to each other face to face... not exactly live in-person, but close...

Let's Skype video chat!

I am going to set aside an hour and half this Friday morning, between 10:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. CST.

I will do 5-minute video chats with 18 different people.

We can talk about anything:  your dreams, your hopes, our mutual love of potato chips, parenting stuff, questions about books or publishing, the meaning of life, Marcel the Shell, you name it.

Simply "sign up" in the comment section, write a sentence or two about what you'd like to chat about, and Team Mission Amy K.R. will chose 18 folks.  If we get a huge response, we'll try to set up another session a few weeks down the road.

And separately, I know many of you have made connections/friends with fellow Mission Amy K.R. readers.  You could use this week's mission as an impetus to take your friendships into the next dimension and set up video chats with one another. Could be cool.

Well, "see you" soon...


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