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Mission #60: Shout your love from the rooftops!

Last week's mission was about celebrating friendship.  (You do know that the message-filled "Ode to All Your Friends" video is now ready, right? Click here to see.)

This week, with Valentine's Day just around the bend, Mission Amy KR is all about love, love, love.  

As in, SHOUT-IT-FROM-THE-ROOFTOPS kind of love.  

As in, you tell me who you love, and I am going to grab my megaphone and literally shout it from the rooftop.  And video it.  And then post that video here for you and your beloved next Monday, Valentine's Day. 

Because really, what better way to say I love you than by saying I love you...loudly... publicly...and from a roof top?

Here's all you do:

Just hop down to the comment section and tell me who you are and who you love.  I need the short, traditional format for this mission, okay?  Like: Amy Krouse Rosenthal loves Jason Rosenthal.  Bogie loves Bacall.  Barack loves Michelle.  You get the gist...

And in the meantime, here's a little something to kick off the week:  Chip the Monk (who made his video debut here a couple weeks ago) returns with this new video in response to the Big Life Questions you all submitted.




Your love message deadline:  Place in the comment section by this Thursday, February 10th at 7:00 pm CST.

New video:  Chip the Monk's responses to your Big Life Questions

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with love,






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