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Mission #78: A feature film featuring...you!


Rolling out the red carpet (Flickr/SteveMcN)

Hello everyone...

First, because we are at mission number 78, I have to share this childhood joke which I've always (not so secretly) enjoyed:

Why is 6 scared of 7?


Because 7 ate 9.

Alrighty, then.

So...Mission #78?  Yep.  It begins by clicking: Here.  Enjoy. (And thank you!)

And a couple quick things before you duck out...

1.  Thank you for all the wonderful cherry drawings last week.  We're designing the Charity Cherry Tee's right now and shall be back shortly with that info.

2.  Most of the Little Pea books have now been hidden in mattresses around the country!  Still waiting on photos/videos from a handful of folks, and will begin assembling the final video this week.

3.  In case you missed it Thursday, definitely check out our co-written CO-mmencement Address.  Pretty cool I think.  You can view (and share) it here.




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