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Mission #82: Video catalogue of an ordinary life, Mission Amy KR-style

photo by LettersFromaHillFarm blog


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to set up "video booth" at a local event* and record nice, ordinary folks reading their favorite passages from the (and by "the" I mean "my") book Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life.  It turned out to be a pretty cool experience all 'round.

Begin here so you can what I'm talking about.

This got me thinking.  I would like to create a special "video catalogue" edition of the book starring YOU all, the beloved Mission Amy KR community.  I will then make it easily and freely available online.  Aside from being a playful keepsake,  I think this "video catalogue" will make a great classroom teaching tool for all you teachers out there.

Here's all it takes, super easy:

1.  With either your smartphone, or your computer's camera, or any digital camera like a Flip, whatever, video yourself reading a passage you like/love/don't hate.  Kids are welcome/encouraged to contribute as well!  And while we're at it, if you're feeling shy to do this solo, why not do a "synchronised reading" with your co-workers, your family, book club, etc?

2.  Email me the video clip at missamykr at yahoo dot com.

3.  If you don't have the book handy, (euphimsim for "you don't own it" which I can't bare the thought of :) you can read excerpts (for free) via itunes/ibooks and/or Scribd and/or a ton of other places online if you're in a Googling mood.

That's it.  

Again, to give you a general idea of what our video catalogue might look like, click here.

Here's to a beautiful, ordinary week...

amy    p.s.  Thank you to the blog Letters From A Hill Farm for the above photo, and for your extra swell review of the book.

* The event was for UIC College Prep, a Noble Street Charter School in Chicago-- amazing program.


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