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Mission #88 Introducing 'License Plate Positive Pranking' (Plus: the winner of the Pie Thinking Contest!)

Some of you may remember when we debuted the concept of "Positive Pranking" here last summer.  Here is the video I did with New York-based filmmaker Mark Malkoff that kicked things off.  

Well, continuing with this theme-- and with partnering with New Yorkers named Mark-- this week we present to you "License Plate Positive Pranking."

See, my buddy Mark Shulman, who is a (super fantastic, smart, nice) New York-based writer, spent a few weeks with his (super fantastic, smart, nice) family here in Chicago recently. (Hi Hannah!  Hi Solomon!).  He observed that many of the Chicago license plates read like phone numbers-- three numbers, space, four numbers. Which means, of course of course, that these license plates numbers are just waiting to be called! This got us both thinking...

So let's begin this game/mission with one simple step:  

Call the number on your own license plate!

(You'll have to add an area code, but you already figured that out, didn't you? And if your license plate has a letter in it, obviously just remember that each letter on the phone has a corresponding number...like ABC is 2, DEF is 3, etc.)

If/when someone answers, say something like "Hello! I am calling this number because it is the same number as my license plate, and I just wanted to acknowledge our connection, and tell you to have a wonderful day."  

If the person on the other end of the fun is delighted and/or has a decent sense of humor, your conversation may extend from there.  Worse case scenario is they hang up on you, but your Positive Pranking will still be a success because you genuinely wished them well.   

Please share your experiences in the comment section!  

And before you go...you see this was posted at 3:14 pm, pie time? Well, as promised, we are now announcing the winner of the "Pie Thinking Contest." 

We actually have two winners: 



My pie in the sky idea would be to figure out a way to render electricity and power from fireflies, without hurting them of course. Think about if we could use their energy to power entire cities, and everyone could bask in their luminescent glow.


Rachael Crowe 

My pie-in-the-sky is a place where everyone is kind to everyone else. It can start out as a store or just a little room, but eventually maybe it'll be a whole city where everyone is kind and genuinely cares about each other.

Congratulations to you both!  Please email me so we can make pie-FedExing arrangements!






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