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Mission #89: "Flashdance" + Flash Mob = you'll just have to watch and see

For many of us it's the official back-to-school day and/or the first day back after a long holiday weekend. which translates as: I've got a ton to do, I don't really have time for one of your missions, and man, oh, man, could I use a little pick-me-up energy boost.  

That's where this week's mission comes in...

It intentionally addresses all of the above. So, you don't have to do a single thing this week but watch a new video.  

And hopefully you'll walk away with an end-of-summer-spring to your step.

A couple quick shout outs before you hit play. This was rehearsed and shot all in one day. Massive thanks to choreographer Kyle Vincent Terry and his dance company TheMassive for bringing this idea to life. And hefty thank you's to collaborators and genius gentlemen Steve Delahoyde (my filmmaking partner on The Beckoning of Lovely) and Brian Stojak (he of Money Tree video fame).  

As always, feel free to share thoughts/sentiments in the comment section. 



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