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New and Very Last Mission #103: Farewell Party here in the Comment Section

When I announced I was going on sabbatical a few months ago, that’s absolutely exactly truly what I meant. But as you might have noticed, it seems to have morphed into something more permanent.  It’s like a magic-taffy-sabbatical that just keeps stretchiiiiiiing no matter how long you pull it.

As weepy as I am to say good-bye to Mission Amy KR-- at least in this particular form-- here’s how I know it’s all good:

I’ve been wanting to reach out to all you wonderful people and have some closure-- say our proper good-byes, you know?   I’d been mulling this over in my mind for a few weeks now.  Well, when finally I sat down to write this, I went back to see what mission number we had left off on.  It was Mission #102. 

It was then that I realized that our very last mission together-- and this is entirely by chance-- would be #103 posted on 10/3.

We can’t ask for a more serendipitous, sychronized finale, can we?

As so here it is, Mission #103:

Remember when we were all just getting to know each other, and we introduced ourselves in the comment section... and then a few weeks later wished each other good luck in the same spot?  Now let’s use the comment section to say our good-byes and have a rockin’ farewell.

* Perhaps you want to trade contact info, websites, facebook, twitter, pinterest etc...

* Perhaps you want to share a song or poem or quote about good-byes...

* Perhaps you just want to bid a general adieu...

Whatever it is, please do it now because this blog space will be closing down shortly and unfortunately there will be no door back in.

As for me, I’m still out there making things. Here’s where you can find me:

*  facebook (my dad has officially taken over my facebook page ((!)) and he’s awesome)
*  twitter @missamykr

* And finally, you can sign up for my new, weekly, very short “textletter.” You can read about it here and/or watch this short video:

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for a magnificent two-year journey.  You guys made Mission Amy KR what it is and will always be.

Now, off we go...


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