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Nicky Margolis: Texting in the theater turns us into teenagers

Nicky Margolis is not texting while she talks. (Photo by Ali Weiss Klingler)

Recently, texting in the theater and not being considered the rudest person on earth became a distinct possibility. Nicky Margolis explains, with her thoughts on how this new theater etiquette precedent might make us all teenagers. Read an excerpt here, and listen below. As usual, if you can hear us, this magazine is LIVE.

Construction for the new Tateuchi Center in Bellevue, Washington has not yet broken ground, but already the theater has a groundbreaking idea that it hopes will attract younger audiences to its shows. According to the New York Times, the 2000-seat concert hall and 250-seat cabaret will be the first of its kind to allow text-messaging during its live performances. Set to open in 2014, plans are in place to wire the building, and install a 12 to 14 foot antenna to ensure clear cell phone reception.

Which is great. Because Nielsen reports that in 2010, the average teenager sent 3,339 texts per month. Or about 6 texts every waking hour. So, with the average theater performance being two hours long, that's at least twelve texts per show. That is twelve important thoughts that would remain unexpressed in a normal, non-text friendly theater. Thank you Tateuchi Center! Finally a place that understand how to appease teenagers. Just let them blindly do whatever they want to do.

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