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Obama’s lame letters don’t help as Romney out-fundraises president, again

President Obama at a recent rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. (AP/file)

You’ve probably heard by now that Mitt Romney and the Republicans have swept the fundraising floor with Barack Obama and the Dems for the second month in a row, beating them this time by a whopping $35 million.

"People understand that the path that President Obama is taking us on is one of socialism,” said Daniel Dumezich, one of the Mitt’s Hoosier fundraising co-chairs. "If he keeps advancing the causes of illegal aliens and those kinds of issues, then I think, yes, Gov. Romney will keep raising more money.”

Lord knows we’re in deep trouble if that’s why Romney’s beating Obama so badly.

Personally, I think it has something to do with Barack’s fundraising letters. There’s just something really whiny and flat about them. Just look at this one:


We're getting outraised -- a first for a sitting president, if this continues. Not just by the super  PACs and outside groups that are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into misleading ads, but by our opponent and the Republican Party, which just outraised us for the second month in a row.

We can win a race in which the other side spends more than we do. But not this much more.

So I need your help. If you believe that regular people should decide elections, then please chip in $3 or more today.

This isn't about me or the outcome of one election.

This election will be a test of the model that got us here. We'll learn whether it's still true that a grassroots campaign can elect a president -- whether ordinary Americans are in control of our democracy in the face of massive spending.

I believe we can do this. When all of us chip in what we can, when we can, we are the most powerful force in politics.

But today is the day to prove it. Donate now:


Or this one:


Today is one of the most important fundraising deadlines of this campaign so far.

We might not outraise Mitt Romney.

But I am determined to keep the margin close enough that we can win this election the right way.

To do that I need your help today.

Please donate $3 or more before tonight's deadline.

The stakes in this election are real. Thanks for all your support so far.

Good week.


What a bunch of tripe, no? ("Good week"? Really?) These are as uninspired and cliché-ridden an effort as I’ve ever seen. Take out “Barack” and it could be any Joe running for any office.

Here’s a suggestion, for free, to the Obama campaign: Try being a little more honest and a little less proud.

Consider, for example, acknowledging that the economy is not great right now, and that you know that even $3 might be a bit much to ask for. You can follow it up with some poetry about how it’s an investment in the future, that you need four more years and a Democratic congress to get us to a better place but  for God’s sake, man  just say you know it hurts.

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