Oh, Magic 8 ball? Is Josh McCown the Grinch that will ruin Christmas? All signs point to yes. | WBEZ
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Oh, Magic 8 ball? Is Josh McCown the Grinch that will ruin Christmas? All signs point to yes.

The Chicago Sun-Times is being sold...again. I'll just quote the Robert Feder Tweet I saw last night: @RobertFeder In 1994, Conrad Black bought the Chicago Sun-Times for $180 million. Today it sold for $20 million. Feder goes on to break down the chronology of the paper's former owners and how much the paper sold for. This investment group is also very interesting. You have the millionaire guy from Merrick (hot shot investment company), Joe Mansueto (owner of Time Out Chicago), and a few board members from the Chicago News Cooperative. And the guy they put in charge was former management from the Chicago Tribune. I don't know, every Sun-Times person I know doesn't really like the Trib. And it seems like they just got bought by those guys. Hm. That would be like WBEZ getting bought by WLS.

(AP/David Stluka)

Crains says the new Sun-Times will be all about the online.

B story: Why is Joe Walsh back in Illinois? Yesterday he had media availabilities in his district while Congress was still trying to work out the payroll tax cut. The Republican Senators have had stern words for the House Republicans, who aren't honoring what the Senate sees as a fair compromise (and in their words, a "win"). But the House GOP won't budge. And everyone in Washington is blaming the rogue rookie House Republicans. Hmmm, who would those guys be? I think we have one of those in our backyard. That's right, the leader (because he's a loud talker) Joe Walsh. Walsh seems to be turning his back on this issue and he's content on the payroll tax taking $40 or so bucks out of your check every week. Rich Miller at Capitol Fax leaves that issue alone and instead focuses on how the IL GOP seems to have cleared the way for Walsh in the 8th District by forcing Darlene Ruscitti out of the primary by offering her some job in the party. Usually you wait a day, or maybe a week. This was same day.

I dunno, it's December 22nd. Finish your work before you come home, Joe.

C story: The Bears are doing everything to ruin Christmas. Remember when you first saw the schedule and it showcased a Christmas night game featuring the Bears vs. Packers?  Now we have an off-the-street quarterback starting and a two touchdown spread favoring the Pack. I understand Lovie needs a spark. So he goes with the high school coach turned QB? Prime-time at Lambeau? Ouch. Thanks for ruining Christmas in advance.
D story: R. Kelly has 32 chapters of Trapped in the Closet written and ready for production. 2012 just got super awesome.

E story: Andrew Gill put together Top 10 most viewed videos from WBEZ 2011. There are some great videos that focus on news, music and comedy. #1 is Drunk Cubs Fan. Did you know that I get recognized still for that video? Kate (who plays Henneman) gets it worst than I do (cell phone photos galore).

Weather: Is it supposed to snow? I hope it does. Then never again.

Sports: Derrick Rose's new $94 million contract will expire when he is 29. So if he wins a few championships and plays at this level for the rest of his 20s, he'll be in line for another $100 million contract before he's 30. There's a good chance Derrick Rose will make $250 million from NBA contracts. That's not even counting all the other advertising stuff. That's unbelievable. And he wants to give it to his family & friends, and make sure his nieces and nephews never have to worry about money. Derrick Rose is Chicago's good kid. Until he does something wrong.

Kicker: All right, I'm out until next week. I'll have a few posts before the end of 2011. Here's the Colbert/Daily Show duet that will stir up some Christmas/Hanukkah cheer:

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