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Remember Chicago on Jan 20, 2009? It's okay if you don't, we have pictures

Top Story: Wait, there was an election in Massachusetts last night? Someone tell the Democrats. So the burning question has to be: How will this affect local dems? Does the IL GOP feel invigorated? Peter Fitzgerald mounting a write-in campaign? We don't have a head-to-head election til November, but will IL Republicans put more energy in picking the right candidate? I hate all the talk of this being a referendum. I'm biased cause the President just got super bonus-points for writing about Carlos, but it's been one year, right? We're already sick of the Democrats in office? 1 year.‚  Where were we on January 20th, 2002? Oh right. Killin' terrorists. B Story: Speaking of 1 year, I wonder what it was like on this date a year ago. I wonder what Chicago was like, you know, in pictures. Luckily, we provide it for you. Last year, we did a day-in-the-life photo journal of Chicago on January 20, 2009 - which also happened to be the same day President Obama was being inaugurated. It's fascinating. Did you know that people took Metra trains in 2009? C Story: Today, Eight Forty-Eight is talking about the grieving process with Dr. Carl Bell. It's been a tough week here and not only did we lose Carlos, but Melanie Palmer, broadcast engineer for Eight Forty-Eight, lost her 4-year old daughter Taylor. It's one thing to lose a co-worker, but it's entirely another thing to know that a co-worker is going through so much pain. This place is really hurting. I have seen grown men cry and have personally cut off conversations because I was welling up. It's hard to even write about it. Weather: It's not as cold. Sports: I see that Jermaine Dye is toying with signing a contract with the beloved Cubs.‚  The initial reports are that he would come off the bench and maybe back-up at first base. Are you kidding me Cub nation? Are you doing this because he used to be a South Sider? Seriously, Kosuke Fukudome and Marlon Byrd will be spelled by Jermaine Dye? What kind of backwards world are we living in? Dye was an MVP candidate 3 short years ago and not to mention a World Series MVP. You might want to re-think that Lou. If you get Dye, you start him and have him hit 5th for you. Ridiculous. And disrespectful. (and it's not just because he did a Wikipedia Files for us last year). Kicker: Amy Krouse Rosenthal's second mission is picking up steam. So much so, she's giving you elevator music...oh wait, I mean elevating music. Finally - from the floor of the House of Representatives - a fitting tribute to Carlos Hernandez Gomez from the 5th district Congressman, Mike Quigley.

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