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Richard J. Daley....on a game show?

Now, this is kind of cool:  Here is Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley in 1956–a year in his first term–appearing on the nationally-televised game show “What’s My Line.”

On the show, a blind-folded celebrity panel asks questions in a bid to learn the occupation of the mystery guest. Brisk, confident and smiling, Daley is 54 years old here.Dorothy Kilgallen uses a question about a political convention to hone in and guesses Boss’ identity at the 2:51 mark. (Kilgallen was born in Chicago. Was the fix in?) The “national convention” referred to is the 1956 Democratic National Convention which selected Illinois native son Adlai Stevenson and Tennessee’s Estes Kefauver as candidates for president and vice president (and they were beaten by Eisenhower and Nixon in November).

Two things: Daley’s reference to a “new Chicago” toward the end there, and he would certainly built one–particularly downtown–during his 21 years in office; and host John Charles Daly’s final line, which 12 years later would be challenged in ways no one could have possibly imagined then.


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