Sam Hurd isn't a football player who dabbled in drugs. Sam Hurd is a drug dealer who dabbled in football. | WBEZ
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Sam Hurd isn't a football player who dabbled in drugs. Sam Hurd is a drug dealer who dabbled in football.

This is what Sam Hurd looks like without a football jersey (AP)

Sam Hurd wasn't as much a football player who dealt drugs. I think it's safe to say that Sam Hurd was a drug dealer who dabbled in football. The little tidbits of rumacts (rumor/facts) are coming out. I've heard (no pun intended):

Regardless of what I've heard, WR Sam Hurd is looking at 8-103 in prison. Oh wait, sorry, those are how many catches and yards he has on the season. My bad, I read that wrong.

Any which way, this Bears season kind of went south quick, didn't it?

Let's quickly review: Cutler out. Forte out. Rumors have Martz out. And now a back-up WR is the area's biggest dealer? My favorite aspect of the story has to be the "ask the other teammates" angle. Most say they didn't hang out with Hurd or that they had no idea. I wish I heard:

Sam? He's cool. I don't know him that well. I mean, I know his roommate more than him. I mean, we hang out and play video games for 15-20 minutes every other week. I mean, Sam is my dog. I mean, I don't really know him though. I mean, his doorbell is broken. I mean, I kind of know his sister. I mean, yeah, I buy drugs from him. I mean.

B story: I got a couple good one-liners in and made fun of pledge drives. Even insulted Chicago Newsroom with some well-timed Joel Weissman jokes. But I really enjoyed the conversation with Don Washington and Matt Farmer, moderated skillfully by Ken Davis. Good crew.

C story: The magnet school debate in Lincoln Park is getting pretty heated in the comment section of this story. It's actually a fascinating read because of the real issues that seem to be at play. So essentially they are turning LaSalle Academy into a neighborhood school to help with overflow from nearby Lincoln. Why so many kids in the neighborhood? Because it's booming, right? Well the comment section says the real issue is fake residency. Many are forwarding addresses in the area to make sure their kids can get into these good (and free) public schools.

D story: Chicago flags, everywhere on everyone.

E story: Good story in our Onstage/Backstage blog yesterday about why theaters do all holiday shows. There are over 50 holiday theater productions in Chicago right now. 50. Are they just cash cows? Or is their artistic reasons for the yule tide onslaught?

F story: The staff chose their best songs for 2011. You can download it here. I chose (drumroll, please) "Countdown" by Beyonce. I think it's an awesome song that makes me feel good. My four-year-old son loves it to. So we sing it together. Runner up is the Gym Class Heroes song. My son takes the Adam Levine part and I rap. It's kind of our thing. 

G story: This is a great summary of what it is like to work at a popular bar in Chicago. This guy works at Danny's in Bucktown. He has to deal with a bunch of dweebs.

Weather: Nothing to see. I can't believe it's December 16th. The next three months are going to suck.

Sports: Rip Hamilton is a Bull! I love it, love it, love it. Someone get this guy a red/black plastic face mask.

Lost in the "Hurd is a drug dealer" wash was the fact that Jay Cutler joked around with the media, giving himself an "outside chance" to play in the Xmas game against the Packers. How cool would this scenario be for Chicago? Cutler miraculously comes back on Xmas night, along with Forte, to beat the Packers in Green Bay to destroy their bid for a perfect 16-0 season. That's what I want, Santa. That's all I want.

Kicker: Looking for a creative ginger bread house? Sick of the Hansel & Gretal go to? Brilliant. I wonder if this ginger bread house has radiator heat?


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