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So how do you enjoy liquor from a blue Delft house? Answer: You don't.

Thanks to all of you who weighed in earlier this week on what exactly is in my tiny blue and white ceramic house, how I can access it and how to best enjoy it. I actually heard from the horse's mouth (the mouth being the KLM airlines Twitter account) on what's up with those houses. Unfortunately the news wasn't what I wanted to hear:

The liquor is a traditional Dutch Gin called Jenever and it is produced by Bols. It is quite taboo among collectors to drink this. However if extreme circumstances require that the contents must be consumed they can be accessed by breaking the top of the chimney. Jenever (Genever is also correct) has a special way that it's drank by the Dutch:

On the one hand, I was happy to finally have this clarified, but I'm sad that I cannot access my special house-booze. Thanks to other bottles of liquor in the house (some of which are also mysterious and may require reader input), I cannot in good faith say that I am in 'extreme circumstances,' plus I don't want to break off the little chimney of my adorable little house.  At least the mystery has been laid to rest. I believe it is time to move the house from our liquor shelf to our adorable-but-useless-knickknack shelf.

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