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Sound bite of the day: Alderman Burke has a lot to say about choking

Burke of old (AP/File)

Today, the Chicago City Council began their highly anticipated meeting to discuss some of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's budget proposals. Other important ordinances that would change our city were also introduced. So in classic Chicago City Council fashion, they started the meeting with a resolution to honor a police officer who saved a choking woman at a Starbucks. She is a hero for applying the Heimlich manuever and saving a life. That's a great accomplishment and worthy of a city resolution.

And this is where it gets weird. Alderman Ed Burke always has something to say about those being honored. It's his go-to responsibility in the council. And today was no different. But in the face of all these huge issues the city needs to tend to, he drags on. And on. And on. Not only about the incident in question, but to talk about celebrities who've died from choking, Dr. Heimlich, and of course, heaven's angels.

Burke said, "I believe the angels in heaven must shout out your name [police officer] in joy...." 

After the speech, Rahm made fun of Burke (lightly). Dress it any way you would like, it's still a Chicago City Council meeting.



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