Stephanie Diaz Reppen says actress Patricia Heaton 'just wasn't herself' when tweeting about Sandra Fluke | WBEZ
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Stephanie Diaz Reppen says actress Patricia Heaton 'just wasn't herself' when tweeting about Sandra Fluke

It was a surprise to many when actress Patricia Heaton, the star of family-friendly (if secretly dark) shows like Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle weighed in on the Rush Limbaug/Sandra Fluke birth control controversy by lashing out at Fluke in a series of tweets.

But it shouldn't have been a surprise, writes Rene Lynch of the Los Angeles Times. "Heaton is that rarest of Hollywood creatures," Lynch explaines. "An outspoken Hollywood Christian and Republican."

Heaton later apologized for her comments. And in this satirical piece, actor Stephanie Diaz Reppen argues that Heaton "wasn't herself when she tweeted those tweets."

"Well, she was," Diaz Reppen says, "but usually she takes a Xanax with her Chardonnay and calls her publicist first." Ritten plays the role of Heaton's pet chinchilla, who reveals what Heaton is "really like," behind the conservative curtain.

Read an excerpt or listen below:

"I am a member of the one percent. No, that's not right: I belong to the one percent, literally. I belong to one of the richest people in America, a TV star, in fact. According to her publicist, she's also a model, feminist and philanthropist. She won an Emmy, actually, for her work on probably the most amazing show ever to grace primetime: Everybody Loves Raymond. OMG. 

So you could say she's pretty well off. Yeah, I'm way proud of her. And considering all the furs she's got hanging in her totally green, climate-controlled, solar-powered, upcycled, cedar walk-in coat closet, I guess I'm mostly just grateful, first and foremost, that she chose me as a companion and not as a garment. A lot of my kind aren't so lucky you know."

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