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The First 100 and the dismal Bears

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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel shares an important anniversary with the country. Today in 1775, King George III declared the colonies in a state of “open and avowed rebellion.” Damn straight.

Today marks Rahm Emanuel’s 100th day as Chicago mayor. When he took office he set forth a series of goals to meet by this day and said Monday he has met them. Those that the public or media can’t readily see – a report on the controversial TIF program or a completed plan for facilities for Chicago public schools – he’s asking for faith that he did accomplish them.

One issue Emanuel can readily point to as success is his battle against “food deserts,” areas without much free food for sale. Experts say the number of Chicagoans living in food deserts stands at approximately 400,000. Emanuel says he wants to cut that number in half by the end of his first term. The food desert is a complex, un-sexy policy problem, but Emanuel says he’ll spend political capital on it.

Some Chicagoans are feeling the ripple effects of the turmoil in Libya, as Mommar Gadhafi’s grip on power crumbles. Some Libyan Americans are anxious to return and assist the rebuilding of their country. Two spoke with Worldview about the recent events.

An appeals court in Illinois will decide whether to overturn a jury’s verdict in the case of an 11-year-old girl who was raped and murdered in Waukegan, IL in 1992. Juan Rivera has been convicted of the crime in three separate trials. His most recent trial was granted after new DNA technology showed that the DNA taken from the victim did not belong to him.

The singers, stage actors, production staff and dancers of the Lyric Opera agreed to a contract with the American Guild of Musical Arts Monday. The one-year deal means a 5 percent pay cut for the employees.

Flu shots are officially available now. The Center for Disease Control urges everyone old enough and healthy enough to vaccinate themselves. Some 200,000 people end up in the hospital each year with the flu.

So the weather is going to be miserable for today, lots of rain and wind. Sorry.

The Bears were walloped by the Giants 41-13, but Kaufmann still thinks they played decently. The monsters of the Midway have the Titans next. The Cubs play the Braves again tonight while the Sox head to Los Angeles for the Angels.

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