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Thursday Thingy: Attention Sufficiency Hyperlink Discovering


What do you get when you combine a short but focused attention span, a love of learning and discovery, and the vast educational landscape that is the internet?

Something I call:  Attention Sufficiency Hyperlink Discovering

This is not an "affliction" one "suffers" from, but rather something wondrous one delights in.  It's a way of maneuvering through our modern (online) world and making sense of things.  Of learning, exploring, growing. 

It's like wandering around the biggest library on the planet, letting one book or resource lead you to the next, following the trail of your own curiosity.  

It's like being a "knowledge surfer" and catching the biggest wave ever.  

I say this because of a few recent experiences, where one super-interesting article serendipitously led/linked me to the next.  Like, heady, life-altering stuff.  

I'm not going to get into the particulars because that's not the point.   But rather, I'm going to let you embrace your own ASHD by giving you three links and let you roll from there.  Who knows what you'll uncover and discover...

Austin Kleon, a writer who draws

Unstuck, a book by Noah Scalin

The Power of Words video

Until Monday, 


p.s.  For those of you wondering:  yes, the money we raised from our "Cherry Tee for Charity" mission has been sent to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Thank you again to everyone who drew such rockin' cherries, purchased the t-shirts, and/or just cheered us on from the sidelines.   Here again is the original post and  here are the Cherry Tee's

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