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Thursday Thingy: Book + trailers = book trailers!

In between writing missions, I sometimes write books.  :)

And these days, as you well know, new books are typically launched with video trailers.

So I wanted to share with you the trailer for my brand new book "This Plus That."  (* A review of this book appears at the end of this post.) It's another collaboration with the magnificent illustrator Jen Corace ("Little Pea") and I just love-love-love the illustrations in this book.   As for the music in the trailer, first person to name the artist (in comment section) gets a signed copy of "This Plus That."

You'll see that my other book trailers are right there for easy scrolling/viewing as well. It was fun putting this little "show" together!

This Plus That Plus Other Book Trailers 




*  Booklist starred review

If Rosenthal’s Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons is a picture-book dictionary, her latest book is a picture-book introduction to mathematical equations. And both are equally notable for their insight, humanity, and wit. From the simple (“1 + 1 = us”) to the subtle (“I’m sorry’ + hug = sincere apology”) to the evocative (“barefoot + screen door + popsicles = summer”), Rosenthal creatively uses the symbols of math as a succinct way of stating conceptual rather than numeric relationships. As wonderful as these text equations are, they’re twice as effective with the accompanying pictures, such as the scene of a child asleep beneath a cheerful quilt, illustrating “cozy + smell of pancakes – alarm clock = weekend.” The illustrator of Rosenthal’s Little Pea, Little Hoot, and Little Oink, Corace creates clean, spare artwork here using precisely drawn black lines, washes of distinctive colors, and plenty of white space. Teachers could use the book, perhaps paired with Betsy Franco’s picture book Mathematickles! to introduce math equations or to inspire students to create their own verbal equations. But first, just read this unusual book aloud and let it work its magic.               —Carolyn Phelan


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