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Thursday Thingy: Your co-created Co-mmencement Address is ready!


Last week, we here at Mission Amy K.R. invited you to share with us one line of advice about life.  The plan?  To compile all of these wonderful bits of wisdom into one giant commencement address - for you, for all of us.

Well, as promised, I've gathered up all your advice, smoothed out the edges and am now proud to present, the world's first (or certainly Mission Amy KR's first) crowd-sourced, co-written "Co-mmencement Address" for you, by you.     

Hope you all enjoy it.  

And as you get out and "deliver it" (share it), please note that there is a spot at the end for folks to add their own line of advice. I'll be folding those in over time so the speech will continue to evolve organically.

See you back here Monday.  And keep those fantastic cherry drawings coming!  Who knew charity could stem from the stem of a cherry?  :)

Again, here's the Co-mmencement Address.



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