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Tribute video: Mayor Daley, I ain't missing you

Tonight, WBEZ and the Chicago History Museum will present a forum with Mayor Rahm Emanuel. He and a few of his deputies will talk about city, 100 days after the new election. Don't bother showing up, it's sold out. But like Lollapalooza, you could probably jump a fence. Although, I'm not sure the History Museum has fences. You might have to scale a pillar or a historic quilt.

WBEZ also just released the definitive report card for Mayor Emanuel's first 100 days, based on his transition report put out right after he started.

WBEZ's Rob Wildeboer has a nice story today on Rahm and police, raising questions about the Mayor's claim to have already placed 500 additional officers on the street. Not exactly, says Rob.  Even so, the story is pretty complimentary to the Chicago Police Department. In fact, one source says more cops on the street actually makes our money grow:

"What that means [more police on streets] is society has an opportunity to turn a $1 bill into a $4 bill, and if you had a machine at home, do not try this at home but if you had a machine that would spit out a $4 bill whenever you put a $1 bill into it, everyone would go to the bank and get as many $1 bills as they could get their hands on and feed it into that machine."

But in all this 100 day hoopla, one thing is missing: my old squeeze.

Everybody loves the new guy, but 100 days ago, I had to break up with my old mayor. He walked away and I haven't seen him since. I hear little snippets of stories about his life and what he is doing now -  and through it all, I struggle to maintain a stiff upper lip.

Mayor Daley, after 100 days, I ain't missing you at all. Enjoy my tribute:



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