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Video: Behind the scenes at WBEZ's 'First 100' event

Before we begin today's post, I need to report that we lost last night in the media softball league championship. Congrats to CHIRP. There's more to say about this season, but frankly I don't want to talk about it anymore.

What I will say is that we did get to play eight softball games and the 15 or so of us who played this year now share a very unique bond. That's what work-based softball does. You get to know your co-workers and you will always share these moments with them, even if you only see them passing by in the hallway. That's kind of special. Not as special as if we would have won, but still...

In other news, Eight Forty-Eight aired a sitdown interview with Mayor Rahm Emanuel and a few of his agency leaders on Friday as part of our "First 100" series.  The conversation was recorded live Wednesday evening at the Chicago History Museum and the purpose was to talk about the first 100 days of the Emanuel administration. More than 200 people attended, and several prominent members of media and government were hand picked to ask questions and help facilitate the discussion. Now, of course, Rahm didn't take any questions. But his team did.

In this first video clip, I show you a little of the backstage set-up for the broadcast, including a birds-eye view of the mayor's entrance. Look closely, but he does point at me (or at least generically in my direction):

And right before the show started, I had some fun in the audience with my favorite new game called "Guess which local journalist I am impersonating!"

All in all, it was a great night at the Chicago History Museum.

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