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Wait, there are more 911 calls than cops available?

(AP/J. Scott Applewhite)
Rahm is on the ole' city-wide tour to get budget suggestions from taxpayers. I'll spare you the details and just give you Sam Hudzik's headline from his report this morning: "Emanuel budget hearing tightly controlled, until it wasn't." Awesome headline. He continues his tour tonight in West Town. Will this be the tour/moment that the mayor blows his top? It seems like everyone in Chicago is waiting for it.

What's really interesting about this story was not Rahm, but the back-and-forth between a resident and Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy. The resident said she calls 911 and the response is that no cops are available. McCarthy agreed that was a problem they were dealing with. Um, that's news.

B story: It seems that some of the renovations to the Brown Line are in need of repair. Shut it down for a couple years and fix it Forrest!

C story: The old Chicago Defender building is in foreclosure. But the worst part? It was paid for by pension funds. The original deal included owners who were politically connected, included Daley's nephew Robert Vanecko. Vanecko is the brother of Mark Vanecko, the lawyer who negotiated the Lolla deal for C3.

D story: Chicago Magazine has a new editor. Beth Fenner told Time Out Chicago's Robert Feder:

“I do think it is too soon to say, although I have some idea about how to improve things,” she said. “Chicago is great, but like all print magazines right now, there are some challenges. One of the things I’ll be looking at are covers. Are we selecting the right things for covers to really sell the magazine in the way that it needs to be sold to appeal to as many people as possible? Is the coordination with online where it needs to be?"

If the covers change, I will be sad. One of my favorite games is "Guess the Chicago Magazine Cover" when taking it out of the envelope. Don't kill that joy for me, Ms. Fenner!

Weather: Continues to be a great week. Just waiting for the Labor Day rain. Should be coming soon, right?

Sports: The Bears are making a serious impression on me as a disorganized business. Yesterday, they continued their streak of head-scratchers by first giving the impression that backup running back Chester Taylor was being released. But that wasn't the case. They didn't release him. They just talked to him about the possibility of releasing him, but they have no intention of releasing him, just limiting his playing time. "Hey, it didn't work out here. So we are going to let you go...go to the bench and not play."


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