Watch Chicago Tonight: Week in Review. I'll be the one panelist not wearing a (dad) tie

Watch Chicago Tonight: Week in Review. I'll be the one panelist not wearing a (dad) tie
Watch Chicago Tonight: Week in Review. I'll be the one panelist not wearing a (dad) tie

Watch Chicago Tonight: Week in Review. I'll be the one panelist not wearing a (dad) tie

I'm getting ready to take a little vacation. I will still have posts here and there and I'm kind of busting my butt to get some stuff ready for next week. I flirted with the idea of guest bloggers. But instead, I'm giving you a recipe on how to recreate a vintage Kaufmann blog:

There are the guidelines if anyone wants to fill my giant, awesome, unpolished, slightly disgusting shoes. First, get to work grab a cup of coffee and peruse the days news, which also includes your fantasy baseball lineups. Then, start by grabbing a co-worker or interns attention with a "Hey, did you see that story on ____?" You will start a one-way convo that really is just an irate tangent about something uber local or obscure. Preferably both and preferably about municipal government. Then get into a heated discussion about something happening in the office (when does the fridge get cleaned out?) and THEN turn your attention to the blog. In the actual blog post, you just never stop typing. Almost like an exercise. And remember, when finished? Absolutely DO NOT check your work for grammar, spelling and accuracy. Embed a video. There. You just wrote a Kaufmann blog. You're welcome, Chicago.

B story: Last night, I taped WTTW's Week in Review! Yes, I was a panelist. How bout that? I was the one guy who didn't wear a (dad) tie. We talked a lot about financial news and Obama and really didn't get a chance to talk about the two things I had good stuff for:  Lollapalooza and the FM news war. I wanted desperately to have a conversation about whether or not the city should be giving for profit companies the right to rent out Grant Park. It's one thing for a day in/day out Art Institute soiree, but to shut down the park (and now the Buckingham Fountain) for weeks before/after so that a music festival can make $20 million and not pay rent or taxes? I don't know, call me old fashioned...

And with the FM news stories - I wanted to talk about how 101.1FM is touting itself as FM news, but really just reminding us that WBBM is on 105.9FM. But both forget that WBEZ has BEEN DOING FM NEWS FOR YEARS!

I had a great line for Craig Dellimore (panelist and friend) that probably didn't make the cut because it was when they were rolling credits: "Hey, Congrats on moving to FM. I think the commercials sound great."

As for 101.1FM news, it feels like they know two things: 1) format. Everything is all about format. 2) audience target. They seem to know exactly who they are talking to and unfortunately, it's not me. I've tuned in four random times this week and each time they were talking about some sort of parental guidance for teenagers. There were two "watch out for your kids on Facebook" stories, a study about how bad video games are for kids (someone in Japan died from playing video games for three days straight!!!!) and today was "make sure your kids' cell phones are charged for Lollapalooza so they can call you."

Weather: I hope it doesn't rain all over Lolla. Mostly because I don't want it to turn into a mud mosh pit that destroys Hutchinson field for softball games next week.

Sports: The White Sox were outscored by the Yankees and the Red Sox 50-19 over the last seven games. And the Sox were at home. Bye bye. It's tough for fans to come to the realization that this team just doesn't have it.  Rosenbloom goes one step further and pins most of the blame on Alex Rios. Rios is underachieving at the plate and now it seems that he is dogging his defensive duties. Wasn't Rios the reclamation project that GM Kenny Williams took a BIG RISK on two years ago? About this time in 2009, Rios was just let go by the Toronto Blue Jays for, well, underachieving. Rios was an all-star caliber outfielder before 2009, so Williams picked him up and assumed the minimum of $61.6 million for the remaining six years of his contract. Somehow, Williams thought that he would make this kid back into a killer. Well, last year he started off hot and with something to prove. He wilted down the stretch, but it was hard to notice because the whole team did. And this year? Wow, he started miserable and now he has regressed into the same crappy ballplayer he was at the end of his tenure in Toronto. This is not good.

On the flipside of town, Quade seems to manage his squad to play their butts off when it doesn't count. It's awesome they are winning and showing glimpses of how good they can be, but it is frustrating to be watching good Cubs baseball when the Cubs are out of it. There's probably nothing more frustrating for a fan of baseball. Well, underachieving millionaires comes in as a close second.

And last sports news: Jim Thome hit his 598th home run last night for the Twins. Yeah, you remember the Sox letting him go. Yeah, it made sense. He was declining and he cost too much. And a year later, we replaced him with Adam Dunn. Thome this year? 9 HR, 30 RBIs .252. Dunn? 11 HR 39 RBIs .167. Thome has those numbers in 159 at bats. Dunn has 324 at bats. And we are paying Dunn a gazillion dollars more. Cut. His. Ass.

Kicker: I'm going to the Interview Show tonight to watch Bazer interview Marc Maron. Maron was on 848 this morning and I grabbed him for a quick Wikipedia Files. Hilarious, can't wait to see it tonight.

And speaking of hilarious, did anyone see Louie last night? Louie and Dane Cook, in one of the best scenes ever on modern television.