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WBEZ makes the Today Show! Well, unidentified and anonymous b-roll, but still!

A story: I tried to convince Governor Quinn to pitch for the pledge drive this morning, but he said no. I don't know if it would be appropriate to have the sitting Governor asking our listeners for dollars, but I would have crossed that bridge later. Quinn is on his "I signed the death penalty ban, what have you ever done" tour. Here he is (above) talking to Tony Arnold. Nice lookin' mic flag, Arnold! But where's the windscreen (inside joke, radio speak). 

Quinn was a guest on Eight Forty-Eight this morning. Number of times he said "Land of Lincoln": once.  Who had once in the pool?

B story: In other navel-gazing news, our GM Torey Malatia weighs in on the funding controversy over NPR. But I am not sure that this post is accurate. Not the actual content, but the stock photo accompanying the post. This isn't 2003 anymore, boss.

If you haven't had enough NPR for one day, how bout going over to Urban Outfitters? They sell NPR t-shirts. But Urban Outfitters is known to be a conservative company. So I have to ask: Are they selling the NPR shirt ironically?

C storyRobert Feder (who?) is reporting that Eddie & Jobo are heading back to mornings! They will be the morning team on the new 104.3FM, K-Hits!  This signals the end of JackFM. I had the pleasure of working with Eddie & Jobo at last year's Just For Laughs Festival. Best part? They made Horace Grant jokes. For whatever you think of the former B96 morning zoo crew, they are definitely Chicago. They have been on the air three decades. And they have their own auto-insurance commercials. That's pretty damn impressive. Maybe they can hire me on after congress cuts all of our jobs.

Weather: Cold, but going to get nicer.

Sports: The Big Ten tournament starts today, and thus the improbable run by the Northwestern Wildcats will begin against Minnesota. The only way they get into the NCAA tournament is to win outright in the tournament. That is a tall task, since Ohio State and Wisconsin are ranked in the top 10 nationally. Gee, I wonder if their star player Kevin Coble could have won them one or two more games? He was suddenly and inexplicably kicked off Carmody's squad at the beginning of the year. The story was that Cable didn't want to travel to an oversees tournament because of a lingering injury, and Coach Carmody sent him packing. The coach has said that Coble wanted off the team. For NU fans, the he said/she said over Carmody/Cable just means one thing: NIT instead of NCAA. 

Kicker: Back to Torey: He didn't make the NBC Nightly News last night, but they repurposed his interview for the Today Show this morning. He gets a very brief appearance at the end of this piece. But best part??? IT IS JUST THE B-ROLL! They don't even identify Torey or the staff of WBEZ. We are just filler before Elmo. Awesome. But shout out to Ammad Omar, Gabriel Spitzer, Tony Arnold and Susie An. Way to get on TV guys! 


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