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WBEZ softball team wins a nail-biter, suffers myriad injuries (photos of cuts and ripped jeans included)

 "Ugh. The power is back on."  (Flickr/artistmac)

Mayor Emanuel is having his big press conference today. If you remember, Rahm threatened layoffs if the unions didn't concede to reconfiguring overtime pay and other administrative payouts. Rahm gave them an extra couple weeks and today is the deadline. Let's see how this plays out. My guess? You might have messed with the wrong mayor here, folks.

B story:  Q101 ended its run yesterday to well, continue its run today. It was must listen to radio yesterday as the jocks all had a chance to say goodbye and play the music they wanted to (and what we wanted to hear). It was a rarity in radio. Usually a format change usually happens before personalities can say goodbye. They don't get a chance to play what they want or say what they want. The broadcast was great. Well, until the end where it devolved to drunken stories about Carmen Electra and other celeb encounters.

The Q101 fan must not have realized it was the end because they flocked on line to some old posts we did when the news first broke. In one blog, I made a few jokes about Q101 (and their listeners) and last night my inbox was flooded with colorful e-mails and comments all essentially saying that I suck (in much greater detail). But this comment from "Sam" takes the cake:

Justin just because you can spell and know how to put together a sentence doesn't mean you should become a writer. We get it your cool and edgy. Mainstream bores you. Your so indie you write for NPR. What's that? I think it's a poetry slam calling your name...Q101 was the last "Alternative Rock" station in Chicago. Unfortunately, I can't say this was your last article. Do us a favor next time you think you are being clever and want to write something go smoke a clove and and order a soy latte instead. Jackoff....

He nailed it.

C story: The DeRogatis post yesterday about Eminem and Lollapalooza stirred the pot enough for TimeOut Chicago editor Frank Sennett and Jim to argue it out on Twitter. It was actually great because both of the rebel rousers can be eloquent in 140 characters or less. Sennett argued that there is no controversy left over Eminem, especially since Super Bowl and other television ads have made him family friendly. DeRo's retort was simple:

Superbowl ads don't feature the lyrics he'll spout onstage. In Grant Park.

Weather: A heatwave is coming. Damn. It's been so nice this week. 

Sports: I actually watched the end of the Cubs/Marlins game last night. I witnessed (in horror) Cubs closer Carlos Marmol walk four batters and give up a 2-0 lead to blow the game. Marlins put 6 runs up in the 9th inning. Say what you will about Coach Quade, but really? He kind of has to rely on his closer. And when the closer can't throw a strike and undoes an otherwise great second half start for the Cubs? There's really nothing you can do.

Kicker: Last night, WBEZ beat WCIU in a nail-biter! The 16 inch softball media league is in full swing and the game went down to the wire last night. We made a huge 2 out comeback in the top of the 7th to put 3 on the board, and then held on in dramatic fashion. It was a hard fought win. How so?

Rob Wildeboer pulled a hammy. Kristin Moo took a hard tumble sliding (?) into third. Jen Brandel got hit in the face. Matt Ulrich cut his leg. And Andrew Gill ripped his jeans.

But we won. Next up, the Green Bay Packers The Chicago Reader. 

Gill's ripped jeans and cut

Ulrich wearing dirt after a diving catch at the third base line

Brandel icing her nose

Ulrich's cut from sliding into third

Joe Linstroth belts one deep

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