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Weird, odd and unusual BBQ: And the winner of the Sound Opinions BBQ tickets is...

Grilling squid at Yurakucho Sanchoku Inshokugai in Tokyo, Japan (WBEZ/Louisa Chu)

Tuesday I asked you to tell me about the oddest food you've barbequed yourself or eaten, if you wanted to win tickets to tonight's sold-out Sound Opinions End of Summer BBQ — and now I'm ravenous. Here's our collective BBQ buffet of the weird, odd and unusual:

Moose ribs (mine)





Bologna with kimchi

Squirrel (mentioned twice — listen to my friend Mike Sula talk about hunting and eating squirrels with Steve Edwards Tuesday, based on Sula's current article in the Reader, "Chicken of the trees")


Bear burgers

Duck tongue

Pork ribs with fat cap

Chicken skin

Cow head

Lamb heads


And from our WBEZ Facebook page:

Romaine lettuce

Black bear (cooked in the ground, to add to the bear burgers above)

And from Twitter:

Gator (again) and ostrich (with a mention of deep-fried strawberry)

Caprese-stuffed chicken breasts and goat cheese-blueberry biscuits

Thanks to everyone who shared their adventures in BBQ. After careful consideration (and a fair amount of Pavlovian salivation), the winner of tickets to tonight's SOEOSBBQ is...

Jeff Panall with his hickory and oak wood smoked beaver gumbo!

I thought the smoking of the beaver, rather than simply braising it, went the extra mile. I'm also a big fan of eating sustainable, local, wild food — and love the suggestion of a Sound Ops Beaver BBQ. And yes, I've seen the destruction beavers can do around here, too.

FYI beaver season starts in Illinois on November 5 — and there's no limit. My Thanksgiving table talk might include white meat, dark meat, or tail this year.

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