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What is this? I don’t even...

Well hello there. If you’re one of Zulkey.com’s five regular readers, you may notice that something looks a little different around these parts.  What’s it all about? Well, I’m happy to say that for the next year, Zulkey.com is going to be brought to you by Chicago Public Media, WBEZ.

What’s going to change in terms of content? Not much, I’m happy to say. I’m not really supposed to use the hardcore, filthy, dirty language I know you all have come to expect from me (note to my new readers: I don’t actually use this, since my parents read my site and yell at me if they feel I’ve used language that’s beneath me), but even then, if it’s really necessary, I’m told I can get away with it (I’m working with real hard-a’s around here, as you can tell.)

If anything, I’m going to try to use this new platform to step up my game a bit, to show the five NEW readers why I was given this opportunity. Basically that means I’m going to start using photos more and maybe embed more videos of funny animals. Like this. But expect the same interviews, lists, projects, weird drawings, observations on pop culture, food and sports and my brand of so-called humor. The archives will remain intact over at the old site where I’ll also be updating my latest / greatest links in case you want to stay up to date on non-Zulkey.com writing elsewhere on the interweberatory.

Moreover, I’d just like to say this is a proud day for bloggers in general. When I first started Zulkey.com, a thousand years ago, my dad asked me if there was any way I could get paid to do it. You know, the way you can just get paid to do any hobby you enjoy. We’ve all heard the stories of amateur crocheters and tropical fish enthusiasts who were swooped down upon by a kindly wealthy gentleman (or public radio affiliate) who said “You! What you’re doing is nifty! Here’s some money to do it.”

Speaking of NPR, let me just say how psyched I am to be doing something steady with WBEZ. I’ve had lots of fun the couple times I’ve appeared on the air there and have enjoyed interviewing some of its luminaries. Now I’m actually there (kind of), and I hope I don’t stink the place up too much.

I’ve been incredibly lucky in that Zulkey.com has led me to some wonderful writing opportunities, including blogging professionally for other sites, but this is the first time I’ve gotten the opportunity to just do what Ido and benefit from it. Is this real life? If it’s not, please don’t wake me up, or plunge that lifesaving hypodermic needle into my chest, because I’m living the dream right now.

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