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What would it take for me to start my own VMAs?

Kanye photo from Flickr/Photo Giddy
Is everybody ready for the last week of August? Hit 'Like' if you feel me!!!!!

I have three top stories that aren't hurricane related:

Can you make money online selling crafts? and plans are underway to renovate the famed Viceroy Hotel on the West Side. SROs are back, baby! And finally, where are we with this Chicago casino business? Some are saying that Illinois already has too many.

B story: I watched the VMAs last night. It was the first time I've actually tuned into MTV since I got cable this summer. The last time I watched the VMAs, I was pretty disgusted by the infomercial aspect. This time, I feel like I want my childhood back. How many years did my teenage self go ga-ga over performances and antics by my musical heroes. Watching it last night, I felt like my Dad.

You never watched the VMAs for the awards. You watched for the antics. And now, I feel like the antics are staged and promotional. Let me blow your mind a bit - Beyonce's pregnant belly rub at the end of her performance wasn't for the live audience, it was for the bazillion Viacom-owned outlets to run the next day. It's source material.

So I want to start my own VMAs. I would give awards to deserving videos. I'd give them all to Kanye. And I would put back the "no swearing" rule in performances. And pull up your pants, Lil Wayne. That wasn't on purpose either. He just needed a belt.

C story: Now let's talk about something real. The Chicago Bears lost their preseason game against the Titans 14-13. But the good news? The starting offensive line protected QB Jay Cutler. The Bears look like they are ready to pick up where they left off last year. I think this team could be special. If Roy Williams catches over 10 touchdowns, we should be hosting another NFC championship game. Oh, but wait!!!! All-Pro linebacker Lance Briggs wants more money.

Weather: Sorry East Coast. The weekend must have sucked. On top of it, best weather ever in Chicago. Right? Everyone in Chicago felt bad, but that not bad.

Sports: I love how the Chicago White Sox media wants to pin the troubles of the Sox on Ozzie's indecision (or decision) to keep young phenom Dayan Viciedo in the minors all year. Really? That's what went wrong this year? And wait, they are still playing baseball in Chicago? The White Sox are going to be pegged as the biggest disappointment in 2011 Chicago sports. Everything fans love about the Sox is missing. No heart, no grit, no clutch. Just excuse after excuse after excuse. It kind of reminds me of the end of Ditka, really.

Kicker: Our softball season is over, but WBEZ's Meg Power put together this great little video of the championship game. It features the national anthem, sung by Man is Man's Christa Meyer. It was such a classic performance and probably the only one I've ever known to be sung through a bullhorn. It gave it a great 1920's baseball feeling. Take a look:

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