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What you've been waiting for: The answers to Tuesday's "Think You Know Chicago" photo quiz

Earlier this week, I posted a handful of Chicago places and asked you to identify them. By-and-large, you did pretty well. Now let's see the answers...

This is sculptor Geraldine McCullough's afrocentric MLK statue (he's a Benin priest) located outside the Martin Luther King Jr Plaza apartments, 3222 W. Madison. Chris Lee and Dan O'Brien guessed correctly. Lee even goes a step further and sites the statue's location as being west of the demolished Senate theater. (The Senate was a 3000 seat  Italian Renaissance Revival-style theater that was demolished in 1977. The apartments were built in 1973).

This Beaux Art building is the water department pumping station at Central Park and Fillmore. Eric Allix Rogers was the only one who got this one right. Tiffany Salone thought the building was South Shore High School (but she redeems herself for this wild swing-and-a-miss by getting two of the next questions correct.)


 This one was a little easier: It is the circular stonework above is a "council ring" at the Alfred Caldwell-designed Promontory Point at 55th and the Lake. Eliza Bivins-Fink got this one correct, as did the aforementioned Eric Allix Rogers, Chris Lee, and photographers extraordinaire David Schalliol and Becky Healy. And Tiffany.

More of you got this one right than I would have suspected. This is Auburn Park, located a block north of 79th Street between the Metra Rock Island tracks (that's from where the photo was taken) and roughly Vincennes. A park with lagoons flanked by a street called Winneconna Parkway runs through the small neighborhood.  Tiffany got this one right, too.

But I stumped a few of you with this one. Chad thought it looked like St. John Cantius, 825 N. Carpenter, with a second tower photoshopped in. Eliza wondered if it was Holy Family church on Roosevelt west of Halsted. A reader named Mark nailed it: "Holy Cross Church as viewed from the Seward School playground/parking lot." John Powers added the year the church was built (1915) and that it was built by Lithuanians.The church at at 45th and Wood. 

Who's this guy with the steampunk mustache? I got a few guesses that it might be Daniel Burnham. But it's actually Judge Lambert Tree, who built the Tree Studios building in River North. A few folk got this right, including Sun-Times photographer Rich Hein, my former partner-in-crime on the architecture beat when I was at the newspaper, who also said the face of Tree's wife Anna "is right next to him".

All and all, not bad, readers! We'll try this again sometime soon with a more confined geography--like, say, downtown--and we'll focus on building details. Stay tuned.



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